3 New updates expected on WhatsApp

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3 New updates expected on WhatsApp- including Screenshot Blockage



WhatsApp, The world’s most familiar Messaging App, is supported to introduce a new feature in its settings which will prevent users from taking the screenshots of their private chats on the App.

This WhatsApp update can upset over a million users who are engaged in chatting & snapping on a daily basis special those who use snapping as a hobby.

This social app Whatsapp that has been owned by Facebook is introducing new features almost every day to upgrade the quality and security for the users. About a month ago, a report had been submitted by WABetaInfo related to the current upcoming updating feature for Androids, this contains a lock which can be unlocked by the fingerprint sensor in the users’ smartphone which will secure the App. This App’s enabling system with fingerprint authentication may result in disabling the Screenshots.

Instead of enabling this feature on your WhatsApp, you may still answer the calls and messages from the notification which seems a happy sign for the users.

Additional to this updating feature, WhatsApp is increasing two more new feature i.e. Animated Stickers & Emojis for Doodles. This feature also permits the users to look for the emojis & stickers they wish to send via chat rapidly without searching their desired emoji in the list.