A favorable business environment, Pakistan joins the “Top Ten” countries

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Pakistan joins the “Top Ten” countries in improving the business-friendly environment According to the World Bank, Pakistan’s ranking has risen to 28% in one year. Great achievement of the present government.

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The business environment has improved tremendously, which was acknowledged by the World Bank’s World Bank, Pakistan joins Top Ten in list of countries to improve World Doing Business Pakistan has ranked 108th in the list of 190 countries in the World Doing Business Rankings, ranking has risen to 28% in one year.


According to the World Bank report, during the one-year Pakistan has made several reforms to provide business friendly environment, Including new electricity and gas connections, Pay taxes online, Improvements to the property registration system Facilitate construction work in Karachi and Lahore, Labor department registration fee ends in Lahore, Improved trade across borders and reduced tax rates on companies.


According to analysts, the Security and Exchange Commission’s role in improving Pakistan’s status in Doing Business is top.