an assaulted a women

A case against the driver who assaulted a lady in Karachi back on June 19 has been registered.


The report has told that a lady who was an air hostess booked a taxi via the online service of Careem from the airport to her house but unluckily a fake taxi driver came to pick her up assuming to be the Careem driver.


When the lady inquired the driver about the details of the driver name and Car Number sent to her online on the mobile application, the driver excused that there were some of the interruptions in the network because of which we are really sorry and the App would resent you the updated details soon.


The lady without being much concerned about the incorrect data got into the taxi and her suspicions started waking when the driver got on the wrong track. He instead of going towards her required direction turned towards Mehmoodabad at the Kala Pull traffic signal.


On inquiring whether where he was taking the car, the driver harassed her and touched her chest, said the woman.


She tried to get out of the car and call the police but he snatched her mobile and dropped her on Korangi Road near the NMC and rushed from there.


An FIR against the man has been registered at the Defence Police Station under the sections 354-A, 511-A, and 511 of the Pakistan Penal code.


Note: Section 354-A is related to the harassment or use of criminal force against any woman and stripping her clothes, the section 496-A is related to enticing or taking away or detaining a woman with criminal intent and the section 511-A is the punishment for attempting to commit offenses punishable with the imprisonment for life or for shorter terms.


The police hereby have requested the people to make themselves more conscious while hiring any online taxi, the details that are sent to them via the online mobile App and the details of the taxi that they get must be checked and merged consciously to avoid any incident to happen.


After All, Your Safety Is The Priority!!!