Sanam Chaudhry

Actress Sanam Chaudhry Goodbye the showbiz after the wedding

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Sanam Chaudhry


News Desk Protoday247: The actress married and left the showbiz and moved to the United States. They were married quietly three months ago, attended by a few close friends. After the wedding she moved to the US with her husband and has officially notified several producers and directors announcing her leaving the showbiz.


The actress is married to American-based Pakistani singer and music producer Somi Chauhan. Many of whose songs have gained fame.


The actress posted a photo with her husband on social media asking if she was married But they have not yet responded to follower However, Sanam Chaudhry’s sister Zenab Chaudhry has also confirmed the marriage.


Sanam Chowdhury is the younger sister of renowned actress Zenab Chowdhury. Who started the career with his home production serial ‘Taj Mahal’ After which their journey of success began and they made their way into the drama Industry very fast.


It is noteworthy that Sanam Chowdhury and actor Noor Hassan had a close friendship and at times, rumors circulated that both wanted marriage, though it was strongly denied by both sides.