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All automated rail crossings this month to be ‘done away with

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All automated rail crossings this month to be ‘done away with’: Sheik Rasheed
Railway minister Sheik Rasheed Ahmad said on Saturday that “this month” would stop all unmanned crossings, one day after a horrific train crash took 22 lives near Sheikhupura. The train-bus crash of yesterday was blamed for the incompetence and hasty decision of the van driver to abandon the track of a fenced crossing and try to cross the track via an automated crossing.
“This month, the decision will be accepted by Ecnec (Executive Committee of the National Economic Council). [All] 3,000 automated crossings will be removed, bridges and bridges [sic] will be opened and the track field will be totally fenced off. No one will even be able to pass through the tracks,” said the railway minister at Pakistan Railway Headquarters in Lahore.
This was his first press conference following his coronavirus treatment. The minister said the route should be more safe for the Mainline-1 (ML-1) project, adding the paper work on the ML-1 project was underway, and it will be launched shortly.
He thanked Premier Imran Khan and Army Chief of Staff Qamar Javed Bajwa for their specific involvement in the ML-1 project Rasheed said the current year would be the year of complete regeneration of the railways, adding that no worker would be sacked. “We will shortly provide more than 100,000 citizens with jobs in the railways,” the minister added.
He said the railways ran trains with losses of 60 per cent in occupancy and carrying but still facilitated citizens around the world. To a question, he said all concessions in the trains to the elderly would remain intact and they could enjoy that concession in all trains.
The minister said the train rate would not be raised, adding that he had already dismissed these recommendations, and that the fuel price pressure would not be transferred to the passengers.