3,000 PhDs will be unemployed

An additional 3,000 PhDs will be unemployed by the end of the year

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Noting with concern the growing number of unemployed people in the region, the PhD Association of Pakistan (PAP) stated that by the end of the year, as many as 3,000 PhDs in the region would be unemployed by the end of 2020. The PAP, speaking to The News, said that the government had not paid heed to the situation of PhD scholars in Pakistan and that action had not been taken to hire PhDs in universities and higher education institutions.

Pakistan Higher Education Commission (HEC) Chairman Dr Tariq Banuri said that an approximate 45,000 non-PhD faculty members are serving in public varsities in Pakistan, adding that these varsities have shown little interest in hiring unemployed PhDs. He also claimed the public and private companies appear to tend to hire non-PhD faculty members in defiance of the HEC Directives.

Appointments by retired employees: PAP Patron-in-Chief Sidra Bajwa said that no new PhDs had been recruited, on the one hand, and on the other side, varsities had employed retired teachers on a contractual basis. “If the irresponsible mindset and counterproductive policies persist, whereby retired people are re-appointed as teachers instead of fresh and enthusiastic PhD doctors, Pakistan will face a serious shortage of PhDs in the future, which would impede its academic and study advancement,” she added.

Bajwa emphasized that PhD scholars played an important role in the growth of every region, and the number of PhD physicians and study papers were the most significant factors that led to variations in the overall ranking of universities. She called on the authorities to ensure the development and execution of an effective strategy for incorporating local and foreign trained PhDs into the Pakistan Academy.