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A mosque named Rehmannia Mosque in Pashtunabad, Quetta went under a blast today before the Friday prayer which killed at least two people and 27 including two children got injured.


The reports say that the Friday prayer timing of the mosque was 2:15 Pm and the blast occurred about an hour earlier around 1:15 Pm. The most have got a lot of destruction due to the incident in which the loss of the departured souls and injured ones is of more considerate.

The dead bodies and the wounded were taken to the nearby Civil Hospital Quetta which is around 15 to 20 minutes away from the mosque.

However, the witnesses say the local residents helped themselves in carrying the injured to the hospital where the emergency was declared by the Civil Hospital to cure the victims.

The police that visited the crime scene afterward say that the mosque is not located at the main area of the city because of which it was not having any security but now about 3,000 personnel have been assigned to look after the security of the mosque and the investigation is into the matter is in process and yet no claims have been found.

An Improvised Explosive Device (IED) was placed near the mosque said the Deputy Inspector General (DIG) Quetta Abdul Razzaq Cheema.

Jalal Noorani- The Burea Chief told the media that the blast has probably occurred where the Imam was standing.

Jam Kamal Khan Alyani the Chief Minister of Balochistan has also expressed his grief over the incident and has stated; “Those who make innocent people the target of terrorism in this blessed month and on this blessed day deserve severe punishment.”

The Minister of State and Frontier Regions Shehryar Afridi has also condemned the attack, in his social media tweet, saying:

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Since the start of the Holy Month of Ramadan, the violence has continued affecting the province Balochistan, this downhearted act of terrorism is counted has the fifth, the earlier four happened on 9th and 10th May at Qilla Abdullah and Khost and on 11th and 14th May at the Pearl Continental in Gwadar and the Satellite Town area of Quetta.