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APC to establish protest strategy: PML-N suggestions to launch the movement ‘Save Punjab’

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Secretary General Ahsan Iqbal of the Pakistan Muslim League-N (PML-N) said the ‘Punjab Bachao’ (Save Punjab) movement would have to start soon to save the province from destruction. Talking at a Saturday’s press conference, he said the opposition parties organized an all-party conference (APC) in which the parties should finalize a policy and detailed timetable on the countrywide protest movement against Imran Khan’s inept administration.


Ahsan Iqbal alleged the PTI government and Prime Minister Imran Khan had neglected healthcare sector issues. He said he was very worried about the medical profession, after meeting doctors around the country and listening to their issues. He said the PML-N would soon present a National Health Charter and Provincial Health Charter in view of the challenges of modern day healthcare caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and the incapacity of the PTI government to understand and manage the healthcare system of the country.


Following meetings with Doctor Fraternity members, Ahsan said the spread of the novel coronavirus demonstrated that only the world’s best players were powerless and lacking the resources to cope with these crises. He claimed the PTI government had consistently destroyed the healthcare system in the region. He regretted the country was running without the regulator of its primary healthcare practitioners Pakistan Physician and Dental Association (PMDC). He said the PTI government disregarded the order of the Islamabad High Court to reopen and completely operationalize the PMDC.


Instead, he added, the government was seeking to legislate on the establishment of a new regulatory body under the name of PMC to enforce incongruent, ineffective and inapplicable policies and practices in Pakistan. He said the PTI government is trying to privatize healthcare in Punjab, bringing medical services beyond an ordinary Pakistani ‘s control. He said the concerns raised with the PML-N by the Young Doctors Association were real and the party had vowed to oppose and lift its voice against the effort by the government to bring in a divisive legislation.


The group will also be resisting the National Assembly law of the Pakistan Medical Commission Ordinance 2019, he added. Iqbal said the PTI had disowned the PML-N postgraduate degree developed for doctors, MDMS, which had put at risk four years of hard work spent by 6,000 young doctors. Likewise, he said that 10,000 foreign qualified young doctors were made to run from pillar to post and have not been awarded licenses for more than 10 months now, which not only threatens their careers but prevents them from serving the ailing humanity in the midst of a global pandemic. In Punjab, the former minister vowed that the PML-N will use its power to support the young doctors get their privileges.


Ahsan strongly condemned gross mismanagement, poor governance, and a total degeneration of Punjab’s most populated region, claiming it was a risky road to travel. He said that citizens had offered the PML-N the mandate to rule Punjab, but it was snatched from the group. The PML-N leader said the party had a big stake in the province and felt that because of the disastrous PTI government in the province, the ten years of relentless hard work and building of Punjab ‘s institutions would be wasted.