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At least 472 people were detained

At least 472 people were detained on the first day for breaking Sindh lockdown

472 people were detained


Police across Sindh detained 472 citizens on the first day since the PPP government had taken protective action against the coronavirus pandemic for breaching the province-wide lockdown, according to a survey on Monday.
Throughout Sindh, the study said six violators were held in Mirpur Khas, eight in Sukkur and 236 in Larkana, while in Karachi there were 222 detained. Sixteen citizens were arrested in District South, sixty in East and one in West according to the breakdown. A total of 72 cases were separately reported throughout the province. 33 cases were reported in Karachi, while two were reported in Mirpurkhas, one in Sukkur and 36 in Larkana.
In Karachi, the report said there were 13 cases reported in District South, 19 in East and one in West. Sindh’s government had instituted effective March 23 lockdowns as Pakistan began to register coronavirus incidents. The number of reported cases had reached 850, as of the publication. Minister Saeed Ghani, who contracted the virus himself earlier today, had claimed lockout violators would

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