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  Atlas Honda, a leading company in the automotive and motorcycle industry, announced an increase in prices of its bikes by September 2019.   Atlas Honda‘s hike in motorcycle prices has been applied since September 1st. Dealers say that this important decision was taken by the company because of the …

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Salman Khan canceled US concert with Mika Singh

salman khan

  After singing performance in Pakistan Bollywood Sultan Salman Khan also canceled concert in the US with Mika Singh following in the footsteps of Hindu extremists.   The whole world is protesting against the Indian aggression and oppression in Kashmir Bollywood artists also become silent spectators against Modi government’s violent …

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Iran withdraws notice from Pakistan’s World Arbitration Court for fines imposed on Pakistan

Iran withdraws notice

  The decision will also end the tensions in both countries and in the future and with the promotion of economic activities, delegation exchanges will also be faster Iran gas pipeline project is like oxygen for Pakistan’s economy Which should not be ignored in any case.   Khawaja Habib-ur-Rehman, President …

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India Received the first batch of the latest imported helicopters

India Received

  India in combat madness receives first batch of latest US-imported helicopters India will add these helicopters to its air fleet on 3 September 2019.   India signed a US $ 1.1 billion contract with the United States in 2015 to purchase 22 Apache “AH-64E” Under which 8 helicopters have …

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The flag of Kashmir was removed from the Sri-Nagar Secretariat building


  Sri-Nagar secretariat building now houses only the flag of India Earlier, there were flags of both Kashmir and India on the building. According to foreign news agency, India changed the special status of occupied Kashmir, now only hoists the flag of India on government buildings.   After the Security …

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Actress Sanam Chaudhry Goodbye the showbiz after the wedding

Actress Sanam Chaudhry

  News Desk Protoday247: The actress married and left the showbiz and moved to the United States. They were married quietly three months ago, attended by a few close friends. After the wedding she moved to the US with her husband and has officially notified several producers and directors announcing …

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Baba Azam became the first batsman to score 500 runs

Baba Azam

  Baba Azam become the highest scoring batsman in the Blast tournament. 24-year-old Babar Azam won the honor by playing a 63-run innings against Glamorgan County by SummerSet County. He has also scored a century and four half centuries in the tournament so far.   Babar Azam is criticized many …

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Now women can do this job, Historical decision of the Government

Now women can do this job

Saudi women can now travel the world without the permission of male guardians, and they also have the right to be the guardians of their children’s. Local media reported this on Friday. Under the new law in the country, women will not need permission from their male guardian to obtain …

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Imran Khan threat nuclear war

Imran Khan threat

Prime Minister of Pakistan: Imran Khan Said He does not want to continue talks with India. In an interview to US newspaper “The New York Times“, Imran Khan also warned of a nuclear attack. According to The New York Times “NYT” Imran Khan said There is no point in talking …

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