Baldia inferno factory

Baldia inferno factory ‘an act of terrorism’: JIT

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In its concluding study, the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) claimed that the Baldia Town factory inferno incident was ‘a terrorist attack,’ dismissing it as an accident in which more than 250 people were burnt alive on 11 September 2012 in Karachi, a private television channel announced on Sunday.
The article was signed by law enforcement officials who have responded to the plant fire event review. In the 27-page paper, the investigators reported that assailants had beentorched the plant over non-payment of Rs200 million as money for the extorsion.
The results revealed the police’s reckless position, which seemed to conceal the actual actors engaged in mass murdering the innocent victims. Throughout the paper, the JIT investigators said that the prime characters in the Baldia Town factory fire terror incident should be taken back from abroad besides placing them on the Exit Control List (ECL) and seizing of their passports.
We have requested protection from the incident ‘s witnesses. It appeared that Hammad Siddiqui and Rehman Bhola were personally interested in the incident of terrorism that had previously been treated in a non-professional manner.
The representatives of the JIT noticed that several forces have tried to manipulate the inquiry mechanism internally and externally to help the individuals behind the devastation. It is also revealed that the attackers had bought a 1,000-yard bungalow in Hyderabad City using the ransom money before the Baldia factory incident occurred.
The terrorist act’s First Investigative Report (FIR) was framed in such a manner that it was clearly a murder accident, the JIT report stated, adding that after being pressurized the police had refused to carry out the inquiry impartially.
The joint investigation team has demanded in its report that a fresh FIR be filed and the main accused nominated, including Rehman Bhola, Hammad Siddiqui, Zubair Charya and others in the case.
The Sindh government had declared earlier on Saturday that it would make JIT reports public, including on Monday the results of the inquiry against Uzair Baloch, Baldia Town factory inferno and Nisar Morai incidents.