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Bushra Manika dreamt again, in which, after seeing the obvious, she married Imran Khan herself.



The son of former Governor Punjab; Aatish Taseer has written in his latest article about Imran Khan’s third wife; Bashari Bibi who played a key role in his becoming the Prime Minister of Pakistan.

He in his article has said that Bushra Manika has two JINN. He has also revealed about Imran Khan’s marriage to Bushra Manika.

He wrote that for the 20 years, Imran Khan had been telling his friends and well-wishers that the next time you come to Pakistan “I will be the Prime Minister”. But 4 elections had come and gone. Two of his weddings failed, but his that wish could not true. Then Bushra Manika dreamt of this. He wrote that like the famous TV series ‘Game of Thrones’ the character Stanis Bratheon, Khan had begun to look to Melisander (Red Woman) Pinky for spiritual guidance in real life.

The voice of Bushra Bibi’s dream was clear; if Imran Khan wanted to be the Prime Minister, he needed to be married to the right woman, who belonged to the Manika family.

According to Aatish Taseer, Bushra Manika first offered Imran Khan to marry her sister, while it was also said that she also offered him to marry her daughter, but Khan then worked out.

But then Bushra Manika dreamt again and this time it was clear that the wife Imran Khan needed was a married woman and the mother of children; Bushra Manika. She now wanted the same what once every woman dreamt of. They wanted Imran Khan.

Imran Khan never had a humanitarian review because Bushra Bibi used to talk to her clients in a veil. But now the Imran Khan is pleased, the stars connected and the husband of Bushra Bibi who is a “Customs Officer”, agreed to divorce her considering Imran Khan as the follower of his spiritual family.

After which, Imran Khan got married in a private ceremony in February 2018 and six months later he was elected as the Prime Minister of Pakistan.

Aatish Taseer has claimed in his article that a senior media person from Karachi told me a secret about Bushra Bibi but on condition not to disclose his name. And the secret was that there were 2 JINN in the possession of Bushra Bibi and the knowledge of the unseen was compensated for the large pieces of meat that she fed to them.