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Here is an appealing bid by FDHL in the Capital Smart City Harmony Park Block on business plots. The general public has moved a fixed sum of 2.6 Marla (2030) and 4 Marla (25 viel36) business packages within 3.5 years and 4 years of segment policy, respectively. Appointments are available based on the first things that began serving, and a significant premium fee will be charged to book 2.6 Marla client plots.
Due to sensible costs and an adaptable installment schedule, these selective business plots are of tremendous interest to the industry, especially the 2.6 Marla scale. This is advised if you have a story without the postponement or you would continue to follow through with a substantial premium over the actual cost before the appointments are finished.

The small private square project, Harmony Park, has considered financial experts due to the delicate cost of plots and condos but mainly due to its immediate access from the second door of the general public from the current National Garden Housing Scheme. This area comes immediately after the Chakri Road entry and is expected to be located on the official square in contrast.

The current agreement involves an estimate of 150 to 200 company packets, so transparency is restricted and vendors are unable to force the attention of their financial specialists. In this way, the value was applied to accommodate the attraction at the expense of the booking.

True costs and payment plans are given as follows for those 2.6 Marla and 4 Marla business plots:

Scale size: 2.66 marla (20m2) (67m2)
All out price: 46.80 Lacs (4.680.000) PKR
Upfront installment: PKR 936,000 (20 percent)
Premium *: PKR 500,000
Daily scheduled payments: PKR 44.570
Semi-annual payout: PKR 267.437

2.6 The lease plan for Marla Commercial Plots pays for about 3.5 years. The section plan can be changed to quarterly sections, as optional.

Plot scale: 4 Marla (2536 squares) (100 squares);
Full price: Crore 1.05 PKR (10.500.000)
Original version: PKR 10.50 (1.050.000)
30 Confirmation day: 10.50 Lacs PKR (1.050.000)
Scheduled regular payments: PKR 87.500
Semi-installments per annum: PKR 525,000

4 Marla Commercial Plots Installment plan lasts 4 years. Portion schedule may be modified to quarterly portions upon request.

10 percent additional charges apply to rank properties, such as bridges, confrontational parks, and streets up to 99 ft. Main street plots (100 ft. or more) can bear additional charges of around 15 percent.
There is an uncommon proposal for 4 Marla plots to postpone extra charges for the main road by 15 years if the plot is reserved until July 4, 2020.
There are hardly any business plots in Harmony Park Block so a fast choice will help you get this brilliant chance or you’ll end up paying large premiums more than likely. The upcoming dispatch of Mind Rawalpindi Ring Road by mid-July, which will drive up prices of properties around there.