Carelessness causes Eid curbs: Lockdown extended until May 9

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The National Coordinating Committee (NCC) decided to extend the lockdown further until 9 May as it decided to start the check, track and quarantine or smart lockdown program from Saturday.
Prime Minister Imran Khan has announced a “track and trace program” for cases of coronavirus that will be implemented in the country with assistance from the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI). Speaking to social media influencers and journalists, the prime minister said the program would help to classify places where multiple cases of coronavirus have occurred.
He said the Center had decided to extend the lockdown and the provinces were free to make the necessary decisions. “We will lock up those areas where there are [numerous] cases of coronavirus, while business will be kept open in other areas,” he said.
PM Imran said no foreign country or global organization had ever lent money to Pakistan. “Our reserves dropped, taxes dropped and businesses closed,” he said, adding that Pakistan is facing serious hardships.
He said the country is about to begin telemedicine and television education in Pakistan. The prime minister emphasized the need for unity in confronting the coronavirus, saying the pandemic has caused havoc around the world.
“The coronavirus proves to be a test for the world at large,” he said. “India, Bangladesh and African countries are in danger.” Reiterating his support for a partial lockout, PM Imran said a complete closure of the country’s businesses and economic activities will lead to unemployment. “Beneath the lockout we shouldn’t close businesses,” he said. “We cannot say how long does the coronavirus survive,” he said. Meanwhile, Federal Minister of Planning and Development Asad Umar, who heads the National Command and Control Centre, told a news conference after the meeting of the National Coordination Committee that the program had already been tested and finally validated through a pilot project The tuning was finalized and approved for implementation from Saturday, on the basis of its performance. Presiding over the meeting was Prime Minister Imran Khan.
Through this method, those already infected by the coronavirus would be accessed, as well as those in touch with that person, and subsequently, they would also be subjected to testing and the procedure. “The faster we meet those men, the better. And this way, we can efficiently monitor the virus spread and also keep the livelihood going, “he said.
He said it was agreed to take matters forward about two weeks ago and now the country had attained national power, and before that, consultations were held with the chief secretaries, then the provincial ministers of health, and the chief ministers followed. And, the prime minister and the chief ministers had formally approved that. The minister stated that it would be controlled and supervised by the NCOC and then enforced by the provinces down to tehsil level with institutions of information technology having an significant part to play in it. The program, he noted, should include the civil and military institutions of the federal government which were part of it at the level of design.
“Once on the field, there will be full support from the civil and military institutions for its implementation. A full national solution has been conceived in this way, “he maintained.
He pointed out that over the last week in some parts of the world it had been noted that precautionary steps had not been properly implemented, but overall the nation had seen a shift in their (social) lifestyle.