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How long can Corona virus stay on different objects

corona virus

Subscribe our channel: CORONA VIRUS (COVID-19) Today’s video will tell you: How long can Corona virus stay on different objects? (Self-Safety Is Totally In Our Hands) PLEASE STAY HOME, STAY SAFE! If you like this video, please LIKE, SHARE with your family & friends and COMMENT to share your views/suggestions. …

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After eating peanuts, they do not make mistakes

eating peanuts

Most people are fond of eating peanuts this season, but drinking water after eating this really harmful to health? You have often heard that people should refrain from drinking water after eating peanuts because it can result in cough and sore throat. Although not scientifically proven is that really the …

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Women and men should eat it to improve health

  Protoday247 Health & Fitness Section: We all know that eating vegetables has numerous physical benefits but now experts have described the amazing benefits of eating vegetables for both men and women. Who knows, we would think that we should try to eat more vegetables now. Experts say that eating …

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