Friday , January 24 2020
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After eating peanuts, they do not make mistakes


  Most people are fond of eating peanuts this season, but drinking water after eating this really harmful to health? You have often heard that people should refrain from drinking water after eating peanuts because it can result in cough and sore throat. Although not scientifically proven is that really …

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Eat Almonds to Look Younger


Everyone wants to look younger, the appearance of facial deformities can be quite unpleasant with age, want to get rid of them So start using almonds from today.   New research from the University of California has revealed That eating a handful of almonds on a daily basis can get …

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How to prepare a good cup of tea


  Tea is also considered to be beneficial for health but that too when drinking in moderation, because drinking too much can cause harm. But skip the health benefits or amounts, let them know how to make good tea.?   A report was quoted in The Guardian In fact, the …

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