Thursday , October 17 2019
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PUBG announces ban on fraudsters


According to a report by the administration of PubG Game It has taken drastic measures to tackle the rise of fraud and fraud during gaming.   PubG administration says That all players were allocated to the game Violation of the rules was found. He will be given a ten-year ban; …

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In Love with Pakistani Boy Japanese Girl Arrives in Pakistan

Japanese Girl

    6 months ago, Japanese resident Sunita resident of the village of Glutis, a suburb of Duska Sufyan Ali became friends which turned into love and she reached Pakistan for marriage.   On the last day, Allama Professor Muhammad Hussain Azad taught the word of Kalima Tayaba to Sunita …

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Pakistan joins Top 10 Friendly Countries, Japanese Ambassador

Japanese Ambassador

Japan will call on trained manpower from Pakistan Mr. Connie Nouri Jatsoda Addressing the General Meeting and Dinner of the Pakistan Japan Business Forum Annual Meeting.   Japanese Ambassador to Japan Mr. Koni Noori Jatsoda has said That we have included Pakistan in the list of these ten friendly countries …

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Nestlé sets up a new manufacturing plant at a cost of $22 million


  Established at a high cost, the Nestlé Company honors the highest investment globally in recent history.   Pak News: Nestlé sets up manufacturing plant at a cost of $ 22 million, increasing its investment in Pakistan the plant was inaugurated by Governor Punjab Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar Exciting Has been …

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Mobile phones are being prepared in Pakistan

Mobile phone

Pakistan News: Engineering Development Board (EDB) drafts mobile device manufacturing policy Which offers tips for locally manufacturing rather than importing mobile phones.   According to the report, the board was instructed by the Prime Minister’s Advisor to set the policy by next month. During a briefing, PM’s Adviser on Trade …

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The first satellite from the UAE to share satellite image from space

The first satellite from the UAE to share satellite image from space

Protoday247 News Desk: United Arab Emirates (UAE) first astronaut Hijaz al-Mansouri shared a photo on Twitter after returning from a space trip, this picture is from the holy city of Mecca, Mecca, which is taken from space. Hijaz al-Mansouri, a former Emirati F-16 pilot, launched for the International Space Station …

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A Delicious Dish of Grasshoppers


  Sindh, Pakistan News: The grasshoppers that came to feed the crops in Thar became food themselves, the locusts went out to eat the fields, and the treasures began to eat them Grasshopper, where nowadays, is a rich dish of terrariums It has also launched a new debate on social …

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After the Taxi, Uber Also Started the Helicopter Service

Helicopter Service

Protoday247 News Desk: Uber launches helicopter service in the US for short-haul fare. According to the international news agency, online taxi service Uber Helicopter Service Announces Short-Range Helicopter Service for Customers at Kennedy International Airport in New York City.   This service has been launched in this busy area where …

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Sunil Shetty’s daughter Athiya Shetty has a relationship with leading cricketer

Sunil Shetty

    Athiya Shetty, daughter of Bollywood actor Sunil Shetty, has a relationship with India’s opening batsman KL Rahul. India are playing home series against South Africa these days but the opening batsman is busy playing outside the ground due to being out of the team.   KL Rahul and …

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