Thursday , April 09 2020
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Toyota IMC has decided to eliminate the Corolla car

eliminate the Corolla car

Protoday247 Monitoring Desk News: IMC Toyota has decided to eliminate the Corolla car. Toyota Yaris has been introduced by Toyota IMC to replace the Corolla XLI and GLI. This has been circulating for quite some time that the Toyota IMC, Corolla XLI and GLI will be replaced with a new …

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Honda Atlas Cars Pakistan launches new BRV model

Honda Atlas

Honda Atlas Cars (Pakistan) Limited launches a new BRV model at the Royal Palm Lahore event. Which the audience appreciated not only because of its beauty but also because of the new features. President Honda Atlas Cars Pakistan Limited Mr Hiro-nobu Yoshimura talks about Honda’s services spanning decades in the …

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Internet users now enjoy “5G”

enjoy 5G

Federal Minister for Information Technology Dr. Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui congratulates Zhong administration and his team on the successful experience of 5G That in the next few years we are trying to integrate Pakistan with the changing world.   Pakistan will be well represented in the global IT exhibition, we are …

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Gestures mobile phone launched

mobile phone launched

Understand that technology is developing at the speed of light The machines are coming to such an extent that humans do not believe Everything else If you see a fast-approaching innovation on the telephone, where to sit and talk on the landline And where the invention of touch mobile and …

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Fiverr Send Custom Offers to Buyers | How To Bid or offer on Fiverr

Fiverr Send Custom Offers to Buyers | How To Bid or offer on Fiverr – Technical Stuff Learn with Technical Stuff how to send offers to customers or respond to buyers requests on fiver. Sponsor by:

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PUBG announces ban on fraudsters

PubG Game

According to a report by the administration of PubG Game It has taken drastic measures to tackle the rise of fraud and fraud during gaming. PubG administration says That all players were allocated to the game Violation of the rules was found. He will be given a ten-year ban; the …

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Mobile phones are being prepared in Pakistan

Mobile phones

  Pakistan News: Engineering Development Board (EDB) drafts mobile device manufacturing policy Which offers tips for locally manufacturing rather than importing mobile phones. According to the report, the board was instructed by the Prime Minister’s Advisor to set the policy by next month. During a briefing, PM’s Adviser on Trade …

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India’s Space Research

Many leaders, including Pakistan’s ministers and senators, mocked Pakistan for failing India’s Chandrayan-Tou mission, but if seen, we should not mock it for undermining India, then at least equal to it. Must come we are not even close to the mission that India has tried.   The gold story of …

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This harm of mobile use at night will astonish you

harm of mobile

Are you worried about body weight gain, they can also be in your hands or pockets when you refrain from overeating or even exercise.And that’s a smartphone or tablet. Yes, the use of smartphones or tablets at night increases the desire to eat sweets, which in turn increases the body …

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