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China is the most densely populated country in the world. A virus has been detected and spread in the state of China named Wuhan. The virus is known as CoronaVirus or 2019NCOV. This virus has been detected in humans for the very first time in history. It is a deadly disease which is transmissible and is spreading from person to person which causes severe illness and leads to death within a few minutes. The symptoms of Coronavirus are Cough, Fever and difficulty in breathing. Health experts have strictly ordered people of China to carry a face mask with them until and unless this virus would completely vanish from China.

Vaccination or treatment of Coronavirus has not yet been discovered. As CoronaVirus is spreading speedily in inhabitants of China, the state of Wuhan has been  sealed so that no one can move in or out of that state to save more lives, till now more than 1000 cases have been discovered and more than 100 of people have been ied due to Coronavirus. According to a report, a hospital containing 1000 beds has been established within 10 days and patients suffering from coronavirus are getting aids from there. Coronavirus is a virus of different class, its classification distinguishes 6 more viruses like coronavirus which have been surprisingly discovered till now. World Health Organisation has suggested to stay away from animals.

Cause of Coronavirus

According to scientists, Coronavirus has come out of animals and it belongs to The South Sea Food market of China because many mammals are being brought in China South Sea Food virus, in which Beluga Whale is also included which can spread viruses. Except for this, Rabbits and Bats are also being brought into the market.  Many stories about its cause are spreading, some people say Coronavirus has come out of Bat, some believe it’s because of Snake. It is just like a myth and we hope soon its cause and vaccine discover and save many other lives.

Not only China is affected but now Coronavirus has affected many other countries as well in which Taiwan, Thailand, Japan, Korea and many areas of US. In Pakistan no such case has been detected but there is a need to have little care about it. And for this, screening machines have been installed on many Airports of Pakistan- in hich Jinnah International Airport and Allama Iqbal Airports are included- to detect Coronavirus of international passengers.