COVID-19 ‘terrifying’ disease

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Speaking of his time spent on COVID-19 while ill, the minister said it was a very “scary” time.
Coronavirus is an exceedingly dangerous and terrifying illness,” he added. “Once I was attacked in four separate assaults, I wasn’t frightened because I was terrified of corona,” Rasheed said. Rasheed complained that he could not obtain a “simple shot,” even though he was able to offer Rs500,000 for it. He said it was Lt Gen Muhammad Afzal, the chairman of the National Disaster Management Authority who graciously arranged it.
The minister said only his rivals wouldn’t wish for the epidemic. He hoped a swift recovery for the PML-N chief Shehbaz Sharif.
Climate Management: While discussing the current political climate in the country, the Minister said that “we are not the last choice, nor are we minus one.” He says that there’s to be a “minus one” (referring to how the Premier stands down), it’s probably going to be a “minus three” occurring.
Rasheed said the PTI “will not have to spill their dirty laundry on the internet.” The minister alleged that the previous rulers looted the railways and picked up kickbacks in various purchases, adding that the railway was sending the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) corruption cases of past regimes.
Talking further regarding the opposition, he said, “Imran Khan cannot be harmed.” In certain situations, all the minority parties get caught red-handed, they can’t wash their hands of this,” Rasheed said. “As I said he had to let Nawaz Sharif go,” the minister said, at one point. The minister was of the belief that the gas rates were unnecessarily high. He said things were getting really “serious” concerning the sugar crisis. “I ‘d always been against sugar and flour exports,” the minister said.