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Different areas of the country including Karachi are against under the influence of Dengue Fever caused by a Mosquito-borne Virus.



Currently, Karachi is reported with the most number of Dengue Fever cases due to the uncleaned areas in Karachi. About more than 2000 Dengue Virus Cases has come forward in Karachi.

The city of Lights is facing deep darkness in regards to cleaning which is why different sorts of diseases are spreading among the residents of the city.

Another big city of Pakistan Rawalpindi is under the influence of Dengue Fever where the situation is considered very alarming. More than 181 cases have been witnessed within the last 24 hours and it is also reported that about approximately 2,601 Dengue Patients are found in different hospitals of the city. It is said that due to the emergency more people were moved to the Faisalabad hospital

Talking about one of the provinces of Pakistan Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, further four districts have come under the influence of Dengue Virus and approximately 1638 cases are reported.

The Health Department within the province has confirmed about 61 cases yet where the total number of patients reported was about 985.

The number of patients from Abbatabad is nine, and from Buttagram is nine as well. Whereas, Haripur and Mansehra have five and eight number of Dengue patients respectively. On the other hand, 10 cases from Sawat and four cases from Mardan are reported. While the cases from Shangla, Buner, and Lakki Marwat is reported as twelve, three, and one respectively.

From Islamabad, about 963 cases are recorded and 39 cases in Faisalabad. While ten, eight, and two patients from Chakwal, Attock, and Jhelum are reported.

Due to such a number of patients, the hospitals throughout the country are under critical conditions. Many hospitals are facing a shortage of medicine and also the staff.

The administration is seen helpless with the rising number of Dengue Virus Cases which is rapidly growing from Karachi to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa on daily bases. The reports have told that about eight deaths are caused due to this virus.

The government needs to get some serious majors against this deadly virus and more than that the cleaning issue being faced nationwide.