During IPL Anushka Sharma slams Sunil Gavaskar

During IPL Anushka slams Sunil Gavaskar

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During IPL Anushka slams Sunil Gavaskar for ‘absurd’ commentary


After the latter took a jibe at the Indian cricket captain for his poor showing in an Indian Premier League (IPL) match, Indian cricket captain ViratKohli ‘s wife Anushka slams Sunil Gavaskar


During Royal Challengers Bangalore’s match with Kings XI Punjab, Kohli’s blunders made headlines. After scoring just a single run from five balls, the Indian skipper lost two vital catches and was dismissed, which ultimately led to the Challengers being defeated by 97 runs. He [Kohli] has to … the more he trains, the better he’s going to get.


Now there was a lockdown, and he played only against the bowling of Anushka. Gavaskar had said when the RCB skipper was hitting; it’s not going to support him a lot. The Indian hitting great was referring to a video that went viral on social media where Kohli was shot by his neighbour, facing throws from Sharma on their house terrace.


Responding to Gavaskar, Sharma said in an Instagramstorey: “That your post is gross, Mr. Gavaskar, is a reality, but I’d love for you to justify why you thought of making such a sweeping remark about a wife accusing her of the game of her husband? I ‘m sure you’ve valued the private life of any cricketer while commenting on the game over the years. Don’t you think you should have equals for the game?”


“I ‘m sure you will use several more terms and phrases in your head to focus on the success of my husband last night, or are your terms only appropriate if you use my name in the process?” It’s 2020 and for me, things really don’t improve. When can I stop getting drawn into cricket and stop being used for making sweeping statements?


“Respected Mr. Gavaskar, in this gentleman’s game, you are a star whose reputation stands tall. I just wanted to tell you what I thought when I heard you say this,” she said. Gavaskar has not replied to Sharma’s critique so far.