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The E-Rozgar a freelancing project of Punjab has provided opportunities to about 9,000 unemployed graduates to utilize their skills as freelancers and has helped them to make revenue of up to Rs.100 million through freelancing.



This project is a basically a joint venture of the Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB), Youth Affairs, Sports, and Archeology & Tourism (YASAT) whose motive is to facilitate the unemployed youngster by providing them the training so that they can come forward as self-employees using internet-based freelancing and enhance their individual professional capabilities.

There are about 26 centers of E-Rozgar with the latest facilities of fine labs that are actively running across the province in different universities and educational institutes at this time.

As the demand for the field is growing at a rapid pace, more youth is getting engaged in self-employment. Currently, E-Rozgar program has received above 13,000 applications of the fresh graduates whereas a total of the applications received by the project might be more than 90,000.

The project short-list some of the candidates from the received application and train them for three months in these respective domains Creative Designing, Technical and Content Marketing & Advertising areas which are the basic necessities of a freelancer through their experts and professional trainers in every domain.

Not only this but the PITB is also looking forward to developing new projects like E-Khidmat Markaz, E-FOAS, HRIMS, and the Smart System to keep an eye on the project’s development and it has also signed an MOU with the IT Department of Baluchistan to give them the technical guidance and help.

Hopefully, in the recent future, this tireless effort of PITB will decrease the ratio of unemployment in the province-  Punjab and gradually it will extend to the other provinces of Pakistan as well so that every citizen of Pakistan can avail this opportunity of an honorable earning source and a platform of proving themselves.