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The State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) has made an announcement on Wednesday that the fresh currency notes for the general public would be available from 20th May till 31st May.



The people may exchange their old notes with the new ones within the duration to celebrate the upcoming event of Eid-ul-Fitr by distributing happiness of “Eidi” among their circles.

A new set up of SMS short code (8877) for booking the current notes have been introduced by the SBP with the collaboration of PBA (Pakistan Banks association). The interested ones can avail this service by getting the registration of theirs to the desired bank before the visit.

The procedure for registration is simple, any person with the intention of getting fresh currency notes just has to type his CNIC number and branch code of the selected bank and send an SMS to 8877. The charges for the service would be Rs.02 plus tax/SMS. The format for the SMS is “CNIC e-branch code.”

Once the SMS process finishes, the consumers will receive a confirmation message with a transaction Code, E-Branch Address and an Expiry Date of the Redemption Code.

For the issuance of the registered fresh Currency Notes the customers are informed to take their original CNIC along a copy and the transaction number at the time of the visit to the E-branch before the due date.

Furthermore, each subscriber could be allowed to exchange a limited amount of currency notes, i.e. three packets of Rs.10 and a package of Rs.50 and Rs.100 each. The facility would be available at the 16 offices of SBP and 1700 commercial bank branches within the 142 cities of Pakistan.

Here are a few more important things to be considered in the above regard:

  • The customers are allowed to use their CNIC number and mobile phone number for the registration via SMS service once only.
  • For booking more currency notes, they need to use different CNIC number and mobile number each time.
  • The issued transaction code due date (sent to the subscriber via confirmation SMS) would expire if the customer doesn’t avail it within time.
  • The booking service would be closed in case of completion of the limited budget.

The branch code list for the year 2019 has not been released yet. For the details, the customers are requested to visit www.sbp.org.pk or www.pakistanbanks.org.