Tuesday , October 22 2019

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If we were attacked, you would not be safe in your homes

Maulana Fazl ur Rehman

  Maulana Fazl ur Rehman JUI chief Addressing the convention that on October 27, expressions of solidarity are held with Kashmiris around the world. On October 27, we will express solidarity with Kashmiris After expressing solidarity with the Kashmiris, the caravans will leave for Islamabad again “I have never seen …

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Forced to run pickup after cricket is closed


  Cricketer forced to run pickup after cricket is stopped Opponents of the new system were in the position With the closure of departmental cricket, many young cricketers will become unemployed and it seems that this fear has turned into reality Because first class cricketer Fazal Subhan, who was once …

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Grand Father did not talk for 2 years when the TV came home

Grand Father

Bollywood-based Muslim actress Anjum Fakiya narrates her story to the world for the first time in an interview in his interview he highlights in detail the journey from burqa to wearing a bikini Actor Anjum Fakiya reaches fame heights with horoscope running serial in an interview to The Bombay Times, …

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