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A group of three students of Karachi Ghalib Nadeem, Hafiz Waleed, and Ali Akbar from the Iqra University have created an electricity producing device when one walks on it.



The device possesses a piezoelectric sensor that uses crystals generates power when an external source is applied to it. If the device is kept away from water, it can last for about three to four years with minimal maintenance.

Ghalib Nadeem, one of the founders of the device has told the media, “All people have to do is walk on the grass and it would automatically make electricity.”

“If we walk on it for five to seven hours, a phone’s battery can be charged,” added Nadeem.

Shiraz, the mentor of the students has told that this sensor could be used at parks, airport terminals, busy roads, and crowded areas.

He further added by saying that the children are encouraged to make products rather than projects. “The products could be beneficial, considering the current situation of electricity in the country.”

The cost of Rs. 120,000 was put in the producing of the device that was completed in about 1.5 years’ long period and research of over about two years in the concerned project was made.

The reason for the device’s high cost was told that the students were young and inexperienced and this was their first big experience.

The sources have also told that the electricity generated by the device (that is in the shape of tiles) can also be stored with the help of a battery and it can charge up to 7-8 UPS batteries within two hours only if it is installed over an area of 300 meters squared.

Furthermore, these titles were produced from the materials that were available locally making the invention cheap and easy which is counted as one of its biggest plus points.

Recently, the inventors of the device are in the search of the people who might get interested in the practical applications of the project.