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Many leaders, including Pakistan’s ministers and senators, mocked Pakistan for failing India’s Chandrayan-Tou mission, but if seen, we should not mock it for undermining India, then at least equal to it. Must come we are not even close to the mission that India has tried.

 India’s Space Research


The gold story of India’s Space Research Head is a lesson for Pakistan, including India. KG Son was born in a poor farmer’s house and did not even have foot slippers until he did his BSc. K’s son’s father had told his son that I would give you three meals a day, all you have to do. There is an international record of sending 104 satellites into the atmosphere of gold from the Madras University of Technology and then from Mumbai to the credit of a doctorate in rocket science from Mumbai, which is why the failure of Chandrayan-Too for the whole of India. Government and opposition leaders encouraged him, but Modi hugged him for five minutes only to say that science is the name of experiments.


Another thing that is surprising about K-gold is that the salary of the chief of such a large institution is just Rs 1 lakh a month, while the only doctor in Pakistan who is affiliated to National Institute of Disease Heart Karachi has a salary of over one crore. Is. Now, those who are suffering on India’s mission should think that the people of Pakistan are eating the economy of your civil bureaucracy like Dimik, in our country; it is only Harvard MIT or Oxford.

We should think that we should have a million differences with India, but one thing we should all think about, especially the Federal Minister for Science and Technology, Fawad Chaudhry, is that India has tried to go to the moon, at least. There is nowhere near that effort. It is a moment of thought for all of us as India has made an effort. Now, if not today, tomorrow it will turn its failure into a success but what will we do then? Those who are criticizing India today, their spit may fall on their faces tomorrow. Instead of subjecting India to criticism, we should take practical steps.