First official visit to Presidency by PM Imran Khan

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The meeting on Monday between President Dr Arif Alevi and Prime Minister Imran Khan was identified in his report by a private television channel as the ‘most important’ when Lieutenant General Faiz Hameed, Director General of Inter-Services Intelligence (DG ISI), joined it in the second The channel has called it the quoting of political quarters the big three cross.


The study did not dilute on the importance but also said it was a first-formal meeting between the president and the prime minister during which the prime minister first appeared before the presidency.

The paper, which highlighted the most important aspect of the meeting, did not give any indication phase. That. The official version of the meeting reported that on Monday, Prime Minister Imran Khan held a meeting in Islamabad with President Dr Arif Alevi

They addressed domestic and foreign affairs.

The meeting also addressed the condition resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. The president praised the steps taken by the government to stop the spread of coronavirus in the world and the measures taken by the prime minister to pursue relief in the debt the developed countries are paying. Subsequently, DGISI Lt General Faiz Hameed also entered the meeting condemning the unprovoked Indian firing a long Line of Control.

They also opposed the usurpation of the rights of Kashmiris in the Occupied Kashmir coronavirus garb. The prime minister thanked the president and praised his efforts to establish consensus among the Ulema concerning prayers and Traven in mosques during the holy month Ramadan. The meeting discussed with Ulema and its adoption of the recently accepted Standard Operating Procedures.