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FM Shah Mehmood Qureshi challenges Indian Minister of Defense to IoK

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FM Shah Mehmood Qureshi challenges Indian Minister of Defense to IoK, invites him to visit Muzaffarabad

Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi said Monday, in response to a remark by Indian Defense Minister Rajnath Singh, that it was a misunderstanding that Kashmiris are in New Delhi. Rejecting the Singh statement, the Foreign Minister said that Kashmiris despised the Indian government for its policies, and now more than ever before.

If [Indian Defense Minister] thinks that Kashmiris is with him, then I invite him to come to Muzaffarabad and see how many Kashmiris agree with him, “Qureshi said, adding that the Indian Minister should invite Pakistani officials to Srinagar to see the true picture.

He added that the Modi-led regime was suffering from a misunderstanding, so, after seeking Kashmiris‘ views on the matter, things will be clear. Separately during a press conference in Islamabad earlier today, the Foreign Minister said that there will be no change even if India becomes a member of the United Nations Security Council as the United Nations (UN) is well informed about Pakistan’s agenda and position on regional peace.

“We support UN resolutions unlike India, which has not complied with resolutions in all fora, but the world and the UN Human Rights Commission will take note of these abuses,” said the Minister. He also said, “We expected that after the global pandemic, India would ease the brutal lockdown and reduce the oppression of Kashmir, but nothing like that.

“The Srinagar protests were subjected to a communication blackout, but the world still remembers the raging protests of the CAA [Citizenship Amendment Act] in New Delhi,” Qureshi said. Referring to India’s dispute with China in Ladakh, the Minister then asked which neighboring county was satisfied with New Delhi’s current foreign policy.

“Although supporting Hindutva initiatives, India has neglected esteemed platforms like SAARC and is continuously challenging regional peace,” the Minister said. Pakistan had asked the Indian Government on Sunday to immediately remove all restrictions in the occupied Indian Kashmir, to withdraw the occupying forces, and to abolish the draconian laws there, instead of entertaining further illusions about Azad Kashmir.

Though firmly opposing the Indian Minister of Defense’s “delusive remarks” via a video address to the “Jammu Jan Samvad rally” about the AJK and the situation in IOJ&K, the foreign office spokesperson said the comment was another manifestation of the BJP government’s delusions about the AJK and its incurable fascination with Pakistan.