Giraffe in the DHA

Giraffe in the DHA of Karachi

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Sindh Wildlife Department Conservator Javed Mahar said on Wednesday that a family in Karachi’s Defense Housing Authority neighborhood who has kept a pet giraffe does not have a proper license to do so. The problem re-emerged after an individual tweeted a tiny giraffe video in the midst of heavy monsoon rains.
Mahar said that neither the DHA administration nor the local residents have lodged a complaint in this regard. He said that the owner of the pet giraffe had been advised six or seven months earlier not to maintain it in a suburban area and to relocate it to a farmhouse. Mahar said that DHA has laws and policies in effect that control its neighbors.
He said that a permit to run a mini zoo will not grant one the opportunity to keep an elephant or giraffe. “It was not evident in the old version of the Mini Zoo Permit, which is being introduced under the current regulations of the Wildlife Department,” he said. Mahar said the department will submit a fresh letter to the owner to evict the animal from the residential neighborhood.