Global coronavirus death toll is more than 500,000

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Global coronavirus death toll is more than 500,000

More than half a million people have already been infected by the novel coronavirus, with multiple nations trying to curb the outbreak while they relieve lock-down.Respiratory disorders triggered by the modern coronavirus have proven especially harmful for the aged, while many adults and children are still among the 500 000 deaths and more than 10 million recorded cases.

Although the global mortality rate has fallen in recent weeks, health officials have voiced alarm about the increasing number of reported deaths in countries including the United States, India and Brazil, as well as major outbreaks in areas of Asia.More than 4,700 people die every 24 hours of COVID-19-related illness, according to Reuters, on average from 1 to 27 June.

This is equivalent to 196 people per hour, or one person every 18 seconds. About one-quarter of all deaths so far have been in the United States, data from Reuters shows. The recent surge in cases has been most pronounced in a handful of Southern and Western countries that have re-opened earlier and more aggressively.

The number of cases in Latin America on Sunday exceeded those diagnosed in Europe, making the region the second most affected by the pandemic after North America. The first reported death from the new virus was on January 9, a 61-year-old man from the Chinese city of Wuhan who was a regular shopper on a wet market identified as the source of the outbreak.

In just five months, the death toll of COVID-19 has surpassed the number of people dying each year from malaria, one of the deadliest infectious diseases. The average death rate is 78,000 per month , compared to 64,000 AIDS-related deaths and 36,000 malaria deaths, according to data from the World Health Organization in 2018.