Gold Has Hit Its All-Time New High Rates

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The Gold price has reached to its peak of Rs. 73,200 per Tola on Thursday which is being considered as its all times highest rate according to the All Sindh Saraf and Jewelers Association.


A rise of Rs. 600 per Tola has been in its cost. Since the beginning of this year, The Cost of the Gold has been touching its high level frequently, the biggest jump of it was seen on 11th May with the rate of Rs. 1,300 one Tola which was more costly in a day.

The traders of Pakistan regulate the prices of gold according to the fluctuation in the rate of Dollar, movement of prices in the market, and the demand and supply of the market forces. These prices have been coming out for the after the change in International prices which were assembled by ASSJA.

The dollar ascended by Rs1.2 in the open market to settle at Rs153.5 at the end of exchange on Thursday, achieving its untouched abnormal state. At the point when this report went on the web, gold prospects were exchanging at $1,337 per ounce in the worldwide market.

Whereas, the previous year’s reports assembled by the Pakistan Bureau of Statics (PBS) show an increase of 20% which was supposed to be lined up with the increase in the international prices.

The year 2019 is progressing that increasing trend even further.