Friday , January 24 2020
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Good news for jobless youth

Good news

Good news for jobless youth in Sindh and Baluchistan the federal government has decided to vacate all the vacant posts on the quota of Baluchistan and Sindh The Establishment Division has issued orders to vacate all the ministries and divisions on vacant posts. All ministries have been instructed to speed up the recruitment of seats for Sindh and Baluchistan and to ensure the process of recruitment of provincial quota in the sub-bodies of the ministries.


The Establishment Division has directed that the quota of Sindh and Baluchistan be vacated as per the procedure laid down under the Recruitment Rules and also to assess whether quotas are being implemented according to government guidelines. All ministries have also been instructed to check the domicile of Baluchistan quota recruits. Ensure that the province’s Baluchistan quota has a domicile.



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