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Grand Father did not talk for 2 years when the TV came home

Bollywood-based Muslim actress Anjum Fakiya narrates her story to the world for the first time in an interview in his interview he highlights in detail the journey from burqa to wearing a bikini Actor Anjum Fakiya reaches fame heights with horoscope running serial in an interview to The Bombay Times, his family is extremely conservative But nevertheless, he decided to enter the acting field.

Anjum Fakiya

According to the actress, watching TV in her house was also considered disabled for the first time because of his stubbornness, TV came while he was in ninth grade Her grandfather was so angry when the TV came on That they did not step into their house for 2 years.


Anjum Fakiya said, ‘My father wanted to that we had a good education but when I told them about modeling in 2009, they were pretty annoyed. My father said that if Anjum goes to showbiz, he will have to leave home. After Dad’s talk, I put my burqa aside and took the bag and left home.

The actress said she left home and moved to Mumbai and started selling perfume as a sales executive at a store They had no money, but the family was so angry that they never called them I came to Mumbai and started modeling, An assignment was found in Goa in which to shoot a bikini When I told the family about it, they did not talk to me for a year.

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