how to use the Eatmarna software

How to use the Eatmarna software to register for Umrah in Saudi Arabia

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Here’s how to use the Eatmarna software to register for Umrah in Saudi Arabia.

Here’s how to use the Eatmarna software to register for Umrah in Saudi Arabia. You can quickly download the Eatmarna app and use it to register for the pilgrimage and access transportation if you are in Saudi Arabia and want to conduct Umrah with ease.

how to use the Eatmarna software

Here are several quick steps on how you can use it to download the app and perform Umrah:

  1. Download the Play Store Eatmarna app for iOS or Android phones
  2. To log, full Personal Information
  3. For security reasons, wait for the One-time Password
  4. When retrieved, enter the One-Time Password
  5. Pick which permit you need
  6. Complete the page of Personal Information necessary to proceed to receive your permit.
  7. Choose the date that you like the permit on.
  8. Pick the time slot for the rite that you wish to perform.
  9. Pick the Centre for Transportation
  10. Read the instructions
  11. See proof of the knowledge you entered in the preceding steps
  12. Getting an acceptance message on your mobile device
  13. Travel to one of the transport centers or pilgrims’ meeting places in Makah
  14. View the authorization to the official
  15. Wear the face mask and stick to precautionary COVID-19 moves
  16. Transportation Available
  17. Travel to the Mosque of the Grand
  18. After the Umrah ceremonies have been finished, head back to the transport centers.


Saudi Arabia resumed the Umrah pilgrimage for hundreds of citizens of the country on Sunday after six months in the wake of strict health initiatives in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. On Sunday, hundreds of people were greeted in Makkah, who surrounded the Holy Kaaba along socially distant roads.


The Pilgrims are received by the General Presidency for the Affairs of the Two Holy Mosques. At specified locations in Makkah, including Ajyad, Al-Shasha, Al-Gazzah and Al-Zahir, the pilgrims gathered and were transported by special buses to the Kaaba. In addition, at least 1,000 workers at the Grand Mosque, which is cleaned 10 times a day, have been named to track Umrah rituals.


Thermal cameras have been installed at the entrances and within the halls of the Grand Mosque to track body temperature rises and raise warnings, if necessary, in order to ensure the safety of the Umrah pilgrims. To fight the pandemic, the Monarchy took drastic steps and suspended the Umrah pilgrimage and prayers in mosques in mid-March. Saudi Arabia has also suspended international flights and instituted a lockout to prevent virus cases from growing.