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I am ashamed that my parents were Muslim

am ashamed that my parents were Muslim


Founder MQM London frequently circulates various news about Altaf Hussain. Ever say anything against Pakistan, but there are concerns against some Pakistani security agencies. Now the latest revelation is that Altaf Hussain has adopted the Hindu religion. According to well-known anchor Nadia Mirza, Altaf Hussain has adopted Hindu religion to take India’s citizenship.

Nadia Mirza said Altaf Hussain is a man, whose grandfather was a well-known scholar of India, and his father was a station master in India, but today it is learned that Altaf Hussain has adopted Hindu religion just to gain Indian citizenship. She said that it was news of a meeting and I also talked to the editor of this newspaper and they confirmed that it was nadia said when it reached the London Secretariat that non-Muslims would not be granted Indian citizenship at that time Altaf Hussain called three Swamis (Hindu religious leaders) There worship the idols of Hindu Gods and bow down or prostrate before them.

Nadia Mirza said that the Indian ambassador also arrived he told Altaf Hussain about India’s existing law on citizenship So Altaf Hussain said that now I am not a Muslim, I also ashamed that my parents were Muslim. Nadia Mirza added that Altaf Hussain last month applied for Indian citizenship, and in the meantime a bill was passed in India which states that no Muslim can become an Indian citizen in India.

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