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Dr. NazarBahbari, a Saudi infectious disease specialist, says it is important to pray and pray frequently to protect yourself from the coronavirus epidemic. Doing so can defeat a deadly disease like a corona. In addition, rest and complete sleep are essential.

Answering questions in a conversation with local experts on a YouTube channel, Dr. NazarBahbari said that in order to defeat Corona, the body’s immune system should be strengthened and healthy habits should be adopted.


Here’s how to put one together for use with your coronavirus. He said that the first weapon against the coronavirus is psychological. 70% of the residents of Wuhan were suffering from psychological stress due to being confined to their homes for a long time.


Apart from rest and relaxation, getting enough sleep, prayers, and supplications can defeat Corona.

“The easing of precautionary measures does not mean that the virus is gone, the virus is present and is as strong as ever, we have to live with precautionary measures,” he warned.


Do not shake hands, wear a mask, take care of hand hygiene, and go to the hospital immediately if symptoms appear. On the other hand, Dr. GhassanWali, director of infection control and epidemiologist at King Faisal Specialist Hospital in Jeddah, said that wearing shamag and niqab could not protect women from getting corona, so they must wear a mask under the niqab.


Women’s niqab is not a substitute for a mask. He said this during a program on the TV channel “Saudi Arabia“. He said that the niqab cloth has a thin layer which cannot stop the coronavirus. The mask, on the other hand, has a double layer and is made of a material through which water and air cannot pass. Therefore, whenever women go out wearing the niqab, they must wear a mask under it.