occupied Kashmir

India ready to end sanctions in occupied Kashmir

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India has placed a bet in front of Pakistan if Pakistan keeps things right with us and terrorists do not intervene here So we can lift all restrictions in Kashmir.

Indian Advisor for National Security Ajit Doval has said that if Pakistan stops sending signals from its towers to the workers here So we can lift all restrictions in Kashmir.

occupied Kashmir

He accused Pakistan that Pakistani towers send signals to Kashmir occupied by “apples” and “bangles” codewords. He said he had heard from Pakistan asking his men some questions such as “how many apple trucks have gone by then? Can’t you guys stop them? Shall we send you bangles? According to Ajit Doval, these codewords were exchanged by terrorists in connection with the alleged transport of weapons.


AjitDuwal has said that all sanctions, including restrictions on communication in Jammu and Kashmir, will be abolished. But it depends on the attitude of Pakistan. According to Indian news agency Ajit Duval has said that he wants to remove all restrictions but it depends on how Pakistan behaves. “It has become a process and reaction.