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IPL would have been a ‘major shot,’ For Pakistani teams, ShahidAfridi says.

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IPL would have been a ‘major shot,’ For Pakistani teams, Shahid Afridi says.


“Former skipper Shahid Afridi claims that because of the country’s political uncertainties with India, Pakistan’s cricketers are losing a” excellent “chance to play in the Indian Premier League (IPL). In an interview with Arab News, Afridi said that the money-spinning league will give cricketers the ability to play in front of an Indian crowd and share with other Indian stars the dressing room.


“I know IPL is a very big brand in the cricket world and it’s a perfect opportunity to go there [to India] and play under pressure and share dressing rooms, whether it’s Babar Azam, or many other Pakistani players,” Afridi said.

“But I think Pakistani players are losing a big shot.”

The kid nicknamed Boom Boom, said while talking about his own playing days in the rival country that he was greeted with a supportive response from the other side of the border and continues to obtain support from social media amid problems between the two neighbours. I have always cherished the love and appreciation I have received from the people of India, no wonder the way I loved cricket in India.


I get a lot of messages from India now when I chat on social media and I respond to a lot of people. I think my overall Indian experience was outstanding, “he said. Nevertheless, the former cricketer believes with crushing political tension that there is absolutely no possibility of rekindling cricketing ties as of yet.” Pakistan’s government is always ready, yet there are no such chances of [resuming] cricket relations with the current regime [in India], of [Pakistan-India] series, “he said,” the government of Pakistan is always ready, yet with the current regime [in India] there are no such chances of [resuming] cricket relations.