Iran withdraws notice

Iran withdraws notice from Pakistan’s World Arbitration Court for fines imposed on Pakistan

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Iran withdraws notice


The decision will also end the tensions in both countries and in the future and with the promotion of economic activities, delegation exchanges will also be faster Iran gas pipeline project is like oxygen for Pakistan’s economy Which should not be ignored in any case.


Khawaja Habib-ur-Rehman, President of Iran Pak Federation of Culture and Trade


In his statement, he said that 90 percent of Iran’s work has been completed However, Pakistan is doing its part right now. With the completion of the plan Pakistan’s energy needs will be met and industry will get cheaper gas, which will lead to industrial warming.


The sad thing is that some external elements do not accept the proximity of the two countries and good economic relations. Therefore, from time to time conspiracies are made.


He added that the total volume of trade between the two countries is currently less than one billion dollars. Which is regrettable when it can easily be taken up to 5$ billion.  Without removing the hurdles in the banking system, it will not be easy for the traders of both countries. The governments of both countries will have to play their role in this regard Because the presence of banks from other countries makes it easier for the business to make payments.


We try to invite Iranian traders to have more trade with Pakistan Most products go from Iran to Pakistan and from Pakistan to Iran To make them legitimate and need to be legalized.