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Pakistani-born South African cricketer Imran Tahir has said that there can be no greater sorrow in life than for you to leave everything at once and shift to another country but I think that Allah has blessed my decision. Imran Tahir said that he will give all the credit to his wife who supported me a lot, played local cricket in South Africa for the first 5 years, will regret not representing Pakistan but is proud of the achievements he has achieved in South Africa. I feel like the people there recognized me and gave me so much respect that I think it wasn’t easy.
41-year-old league sniper Imran Tahir said that Lahore cricket has a big hand in making a great cricketer because I was so tough after playing first-class cricket here that I could play competitive cricket anywhere in the world. Will always be proud
Imran Tahir said that it would be better if the decision of the champion of PSL Five is on the ground, if there are no other matches then the top position team on the points table should be declared the winner, I am not saying this because I play for Multan Sultans and I am asking Multan Sultans to become champions but this is what has happened in the world and it has happened many times.
Imran Tahir did not return to South Africa due to lockdown in Pakistan. Imran Tahir was in Pakistan to participate in PSL 5. Imran Tahir represented Team Multan Sultans in PSL Five. On the other hand, the postponed matches of the 5th edition of PSL are likely to take place in November. The matches of PSL were postponed due to the coronavirus. The PCB says many issues are uncertain because of Code 19, PSL matches are under consideration and holding matches in November are the first priority.