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Medicine is one of the noblest professions. And the doctors are given the names as life saviors or symbol of sacrifice etc.

They work with distressed people giving many sacrifices, an exemplification of incredible humankind. The patients arrive with misery, discomfort, and illness, they emerge well and happy after the caring and compassionate actions of medical practitioners with the grace of Almighty Allah.

The Doctors achieve respect, prayers, and blessings in response to all their deeds and services towards humanity.

But on the other hand, if we just consider, there has been a trend of our society to insult and threaten these life saviors – Doctors on very minor things.

With no doubt; the authority to bestow life or death is all within the power of Almighty Allah. Whereas, the doctors just play a part of an agent to be a helping hand and try to treat the patients well with their best possible skills and tools.

But despite the above fact, it has become a norm nowadays to hit any doctor when a patient faces any critical condition or passes away. This issue is not limited to any one country but often doctors are seen protesting against such violation in the news headlines worldwide.

Many doctors face verbal and physical abuse inside the hospital premises every other day. Such an incident took place in one of the very familiar hospitals of Karachi just a few days back.

An insider has told us that a dispute took place between a Medical Officer (MO) and a patient from Counter Terrorism Department(CTD) at the National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases, Karachi on the 16th of June, 2020.




The dispute initially started when a patient from CTD named Kamran came for an examination and was advised by the MO- Mr. Prakash to apply a mask to maintain the COVID-19 SOPs but he refused and misbehaved with him.

After the examination by the Emergency Department, he was found as a Non-Cardiac and as per the principle was supposed to be referred to the concerned physician.

(Here, let us mention that Emergency Departmentis responsible to filter whether the patient is cardiac or not before giving any treatment. And if he/she is cardiac, they are given such treatment otherwise sent to the physician he/she needs because they are strictly not allowed to handle any non-cardiac patient.)

The patient got frustrated with the principles and asking for the CPNC and threatened the doctor and the medical staff saying, “I’ll see you tomorrow till wait and watch!”

The next day, he came again and created a fuss within the department asking for the MO– but the staff informed him that today another doctor is on call.

But he anyhow had to let his anger out somewhere to satisfy his ego. So, he took out a gun and fired on the on-duty doctor FAHAD Abdul Hassan who is a first-year trainee.

He is brutally injured but luckily alive.

My question to everyone is that why people with some power always become so arrogant and use their powers to threaten others? Why do we become so violent over tiny things?

We all need respect for ourselves but are never ready to give others! We want the laws to be there but are never ready to follow them!

I request everyone to think over and over again weather why we have become far apart of HUMANITY!