Late pop king Michael Jackson

Late pop king Michael Jackson had foretold

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Late pop king Michael Jackson had foretold a coronavirus-like pandemic

Late pop king Michael Jackson


Michael Jackson’s bodyguard has recently said that a coronavirus-like global pandemic has been expected by the late’ King of Pop’ which is why he used to carry a facemask. Matt Fiddes, who represented the singer for a decade, speaks as the coronavirus pandemic begins to propagate across the globe, reports indicate.

He claimed: “Michael Jackson understood there was also a natural catastrophe. He was really aware and would still foresee that we might be wiped out at any moment. Or a virus that might propagate and often he would fly to four nations in one day and he would be in flights with people all the time then a germ which could spread and often he would fly to four countries in a single day because he was on airlines with people all the time. “Matt expressed that he would jokingly advise Michael not to wear the facemask because he was uncomfortable because he was wearing it while he was interacting with him.

He reported that the King of Pop addressed him as stating, Matt I can’t get sick, I can’t let down my friends. I have gigs coming up. I’m on this planet for a cause. I don’t have to hurt my speech, I have to remain safe, I don’t know who I’m going to see today, I don’t know what I’m going to pass on.