Imran Khan

Month of August is more important for PM (Imran Khan)

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News Desk: Last week of July, all businesses in Pakistan have closed down by 60%shopkeepers is not ready to give wholesalers a CNIC on 50 thousand purchases, Because of this, wholesalers are reluctant to take the goods from the factories. Beginning 1 Aug 2019, factory owners will be forced to close their factories If FBR did not change the 50,000 formula, markets would be closed on one hand.

Imran Khan


Prime Minister Imran Khan has indeed returned from a successful visit to the United States but this will not help the normal person and the domestic economy will not improve. It was a political trip that President Trump hoped would improve Pakistan’s relations India will now have to hold talks on Kashmir the government should make non-filers easy to file. For example, by registering each shopkeeper in income tax, apply the fixed income tax for 5 years according to the annual shop size.  Every shopkeeper will come into the tax net70 years cannot be resolved in one year then the government is collecting tax on trillions of rupees what is giving to the nation in return.

No clean drinking water and good health facilities are available, the condition of government hospitals is in the public eye and not the medicine Not a doctor, the condition of the schools and the quality of education are in front of everyone inflation is just a waste of time. On the one hand, the dollar flying is an open proof of the failure of the government that promised change to the nation. There has been a really drastic change the FBR should find a simple and installable solution by calling on the Chambers, Federation officials in the interest of the country.

90% of the direct taxes are not in the net but the fact that they are paying taxes on everything is why inflation has increased Unemployment is on the rise if the government does not give up, then the factories will start closing next month If the industrialists will not be able to pay salaries then the volume of FBR will decrease the 72-year-old has not come to the nation at such a bad time in the history of Pakistan.