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More than 30 PIA pilot certificates revoked by civil aviation

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Pakistan International Airlines has revoked 34 more pilot licenses’ in the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) for reportedly possessing bogus degrees. Licenses will stay suspended until the inquiry against the pilots has been concluded according to a notice released by the aviation authority
The European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) directed its member states to prohibit Pakistani pilots from operating independently.

EASA has requested information of Pakistani pilots from its member countries. EASA ‘s letter to the member states stated that the CAA has revealed irregularities in issuing 40% of the licenses.
In addition, EASA recommended in its letter that member states ‘not schedule such pilots for operations under their consideration of the TCO.’ The letter stated that this is an issue of concern in the aviation sector. It further stated that complaints about fake licenses have been received in contravention of international regulations and rules.

Last month, Pakistan said it would land 262 airline pilots whose credentials might have been falsified after the International Air Transport Association ‘s global airline body said irregularities found in PIA pilot licenses represent a “serious lapse” in security controls.

Aviation minister Ghulam Sarwar Khan had claimed 40 percent of the country’s pilots hold “dubious licenses” when submitting an official inquiry report into the PIA plane crash in which 97 people were killed. The European Union Aviation Safety Agency has also suspended PIA ‘s permission for six months to fly to the bloc. Also, Malaysia and Vietnam temporarily suspended pilots holding Pakistani licenses and being employed by their domestic airlines. The United Arab Emirates has asked Pakistan to verify the licenses of staff working at airports in the oil-producing country — pilots, maintenance engineers, and flight operations officers.

The UAE had even requested Pakistan to explain which of the workers had false permits, and who were suspects.