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Nargis Hamidullah a Karate champion from Quetta Pakistan has lost the chance to be the part of Olympics 2020 qualifiers just because of the lack of money.



This 20-year-old lady got a bronze medal in the Asian games 2018 in Karate against Nepal’s Rita Karki in the +68kg event. The victory was very unexpected which surprised both the governing bodies of the country; the Pakistan Olympic Association and the Pakistan Sports Board, that usually don’t prefer to provide the equal number of chances to the female athletes as those to the males.

She is one of her earlier press talks had said that her first name is enough for her to be recognized “It’s just Nargis, you can call me just that.”

The first karateka despite not being selected for the Olympics 2020 hasn’t lost the hope and is training for the 13th South Asian Games with all her enthusiasm.

The karate program “Olympics-2020” is being featured by the Tokyo Summer Olympics for the first time and if Nargis managed to participate in it, it would have set new history for her career as well for the country.

She is a press talk said, “I won’t end this journey here, I have won a bronze medal in the past and now I want to change its color. I want to win a gold medal for my country.”

However, she is yet looking for the government camps to be set up in the country for the South Asian Games to get qualified for it.

“My training is my passion and everyone dreams to continue their passion,” she further explained adding she is getting trained for the next matches.

Let’s Put a short glace over her remarkable victories of the past, she has been the national karate champion for the past six years. She also secured a gold, silver, and bronze medals in 2017 at the South Asian Karate Championships in Sri Lanka and as mentioned earlier in 2018, she won a bronze medal for the country and become the first female karate champion of Pakistan in her early 19-years of age.