Nishwa- A case of ignorance by doctors of Darul Sehat Hospital, Karachi

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Nishwa- A case of ignorance of doctors of Darul Sehat Hospital, has passed away today



News: Nashwa, one of the twin daughters of Mr. Qaiser Khan– a resident of Gulistan e Johar, has passed away on 22nd April, Monday in a private hospital of Karachi due to the brain damage.

She was just 9 months infant who was taken to Darul Sehat Hospital located in Gulistan e Johar along with her twin sister for the treatment of diarrhea as on April, 6 Saturday. The other sister was discharged the very next day while Nashwa remained still under treatment.

According to her father, this was a clear case of negligence of the untrained nursing staff who overdosed Nashwa with Potassium Chloride which caused her severe brain damage and after putting ventilator for a week, the little angel paralyzed in her very initial stages of life.

Mr. Qaiser- the father, further Stated that the medicine was intended to be provided by a drip, not through an injection, this left the infant almost dead.

Due to the unrecoverable condition, the family of the infant took her to another private hospital of Karachi for the further treatment on Sunday 14th April but unfortunately, she couldn’t survive for very long and died the Monday morning.

The family of Nashwa has filed a case against Darul Sehat Hospital at Sharae Faisal police station while the people of Gulistan e Johar and other regions of Karachi including Nishawa’s family are protesting to cancel the license of the hospital (Darul Sehat) to provide justice to Little Nashwa.