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Noreena Shams of Malakand keeps a mind to get her goals at all means despite the fact that Squash is believed as a men’s sport and most of the men are dominating in it in Pakistan.



The 21-year Noreena Shams- the first ever sportswoman has achieved for herself in the field of sports. She not only has represented Pakistan nationally but has also participated in the international Squad gaining the 127th rank globally. Not only this but she has also been among the list of top 50 most Inspirational women from Pakistan.

The young lady got the training of the squad at an all-boys camp where she had to dress up like a boy so that it didn’t make any difference.

While talking to the media she said, “It was the coach’s idea, but I never felt I was different or inferior to the boys.”

She further said that if one has the right talent, gender is not important and I wish more girls could play sports.

Talking about her identity she stated that after a years’ training she had to disclose her identity to members of the team, “I told the guys in a comical way because it was becoming difficult to hide that I am a girl at a point,” she said.

“They supported me, but were shocked to see my strength and speed,” she added.

While talking about the memories, Noreena expressed joyfully that her favorite memory was when she made her team win in Mardan.

The support from the family had encouraged and to motivate her in that tough journey.

She said, “I am what I am with my family’s support. My sleeping routine and diet is also taken care of and my family doesn’t get affected by my relatives’ negative remarks about my career.”

She feels that there should equal opportunities for the female athletes in the country as the male is being provided so that they can stand for their country and the nation a good name and a high position throughout the globe. There is a lot more to be done for the females in the sports industry.