Wednesday , February 19 2020

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Gestures mobile phone launched

Gestures mobile phone

Understand that technology is developing at the speed of light The machines are coming to such an extent that humans do not believe Everything else If you see a fast-approaching innovation on the telephone, where to sit and talk on the landline And where the invention of touch mobile and …

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A Surviving Child Was Recovered from A Grave Dug

Grave Dug

India News: In India a surviving child was recovered from a grave dug for a dead baby. Details for burying a dead child in India from the grave that was dugan unidentified survivor wrapped in cloth. The baby in the tomb was wrapped in cloth and was breathing she was …

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The situation worsened in Syria


  Russia also fielded the army against Turkey, The Russian army reached the border to take control of the Kurdish-controlled areas, On the other hand, the Turkish army continued to advance According to details, the situation in the region is only getting worse since Turkey launched a military operation in …

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