Monday , October 14 2019

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It is not easy to get a second hand car in Pakistan

second hand car

Increased import duties on used cars have led to increased car prices After that, car dealers are worried about the significant decline in vehicle sales Buyers are upset about the prices of used cars since the government raised duties on importing foreign cars Buyers say the car rate which was …

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Another incident was going on in the mosque of Al-Haram


  Makkah : A French citizen recently reported a suicide in the mosque Who kept everyone shaken. Now, Saudi security forces in action have arrested a magician from Mecca Masjid ul-al-Haram. Saudi security forces arrested a magician from the mosque and took him with him It is to be noted …

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Imran Khan is Pakistan’s biggest enemy

Imran Khan

  Over the past few days, a video of Turkish President Recep Tayyab Burdogan address to the Turkish parliament has gone viral. In which they are referring to Kashmir and Pakistan According to what was translated on this video, the Turkish Prime Minister says of Pakistan that Imran Khan is …

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